Imagine your ideal client for a moment.

They’re reading your advice on their favourite blog, seeing your smile shining back at them from a beautiful double-page magazine spread, hearing about your business over a glass of wine with friends.

They instantly feel a connection to you and your brand and they want to know more. They look up your website, connect with you on social media, and, before you know it, join your wait-list of new clients excited to work with you.

That’s the power of PR. And it can change everything.

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Hi, I’m Emma Lawrence, an award-winning journalist turned PR Coach serving up all my insider secrets so you never have to worry about where your next client is coming from again.

I want you to amplify your message, position yourself as a sought-after expert, and make genuine connections with the people who need you most. And I want you to start doing it NOW – not when you think you’ll finally be able to afford that publicist to the stars or hire an in-house marketing team.

My PR and communications training is designed specifically for solopreneurs – coaches, consultants and creatives – who want to take control of their own PR. You’ll learn how to unearth the unique expertise and experiences that make you unmistakably you and package them into stories that get everyone talking.

For media information, including an official bio, please refer to my Press Page.

Here’s what I believe:

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Words inspire action.

It’s our stories that connect us with our ideal clients, collaborators, A-list bloggers, and the editors of glossy magazines.

People want to be communicated with, not sold to.

No icky sales spiels, no cookie-cutter content, and no disingenuous hype. You and your story are enough, my friend.

In doing what you love.

Dial in to what comes most naturally to you, hone your gifts, and share them with the people who need them most.

In connecting to a purpose that runs deeper than your bottom line.

It’s the fire in your belly that will fuel you when times are tough. Fan the flames.

Generosity belongs at the heart of every meaningful marketing plan.

Give freely and joyfully.

Want to know more?

I know first-hand what it’s like to leap off the corporate ladder and into the work you know in your bones you were born to do. Despite a love and talent for writing, my career began in the finance industry where I swapped words for numbers and a secure career trajectory.

But I was restless. I knew I couldn’t bide my time in a job I was less than passionate about and the corporate world, with all its briefcases and power suits, just wasn’t for me. So, I went back to the thing I loved most: writing.

Fast-forward 10+ years working as a journalist and copywriter, and I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of writing about my favourite people, brands and experiences.

My round-the-world honeymoon, founder of TheDailyLove.com Mastin Kipp, how to save stranded whales, the best places to stay in Thailand, two brave Nordic walking friends battling Parkinson’s Disease – you name it, I’ve probably written about it.

In 2009, I jumped the fence from journalism to PR and worked with charities and businesses to provide event management services, social media consulting, publicity expertise, and all kinds of promotional and editorial content.

Now I devote my time to teaching solopreneurs how to take control of their own PR and build a brand everyone is talking about.